Florida Snow Day

Professional Photographer


It is a rare event for one to see snow in Florida, but early one January morning it happened.¬† As I walked out into the empty street of my neighborhood there was a crunch beneath my feet and I joyfully lifted the camera up to my eye. This was a photographers playground and I was not about to pass it up! My husband had not seen snow since he was three years old so I immediately had him strike a pose with delight. By this time a few of the neighbors had heard us outside and began to stick their heads out of doorways one by one. I called out to them, “come on out!” Dancing children were squealing and there was chatty laughter through out the neighborhood.

It was amazing how so many people experienced  pure bliss during this historical event and not one person was worried about anything. No political agendas, race, religious or gender disputes. We were all equal and came together as a family.  The whole world just stopped around as we played, laughed and chatted. As I look back at the joy that I felt and was surrounded by, I can only wish that my neighbors and rest of the world could be so happy and kind everyday.

When was the last time that you felt like that? I mean, the last moment that you experienced an amazing joy and wished that it would never end? Oh, what a happy day it was!